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You gotta fight for your right... PARTY!

Damn, I'm so drnuk right now...I just got home from a party at my frend's house. It was great. There were all these hot guys and all these hot tequila. I took some pictures with my new digital camera. Torrance gave it to me. Ironic, huh?

Check out the 5-o-clock-shadow on this won:

And what about the treasure trail on this one. You could knit a sweatere out of that suffutuff:

Wow. I'm gonna be feeling this tomorrow. I wnated to play with one of those guys st the party, but they were all super-strait. Now that Rottance cheated on me with another guy I figure it's my turn, Right Guys? Back me up here.

I think i need to take some apspirin and a big glass of aitch two oh and got to bed.
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